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A three-pronged approach

Verissimo and Moya lead the discussion

Companies are increasingly suffering from the effects of political corruption in Latin America, as investigations in the region have revealed that cronyism and bribery were behind the awards of many government-funded contracts. Delegates at LACCA’s March São Paulo meeting discussed how in-house counsel can work to attack corruption from multiple angles.

New member profile: Regional legal counsel at HP Inc

New member César Basso

César Basso tells LACCA what his team has done to promote compliance throughout the company.

New member profile: Head of legal, compliance and internal audit at Wobben Windpower

New member Raphael Weitzel

Raphael Weitzel tells LACCA about helping his company meet Brazil’s renewable energy targets.

An interview with Beatriz Munozcano

Beatriz Munozcano

Pernod Ricard Americas' legal manager talks about how her team is structured to cope with cross-jurisdictional work.

New member profile: Legal director and privacy counsel for Latin America at Oracle Chile

New member Gustavo Marmol

Gustavo Marmol tells LACCA about the constant opportunities for learning that come with an in-house position.

The construction industry and the call for concerted action


In this article, Júlio César Bueno, partner at Pinheiro Neto explores the issue of corruption throughout the international construction industry. He highlights not only the current problems that the industry faces, but also the way in which it can progress and move towards a future of transparency and good governance.

New member profile: Corporate counsel and legal director for Brazil at Avaya

New member Flavia Pantani

Flavia Pantani tells LACCA about the importance of developing strong working relationships.

An interview with Renato Martins

Renato Martins

Siemens Healthineers' head of legal for Brazil discusses the German healthcare providers' strategies for hiring external counsel.

An interview with Marisa Peres

Marisa Peres

Avon's senior manager for ethics and compliance in Latin America discusses her work for the multinational cosmetics brand.

An interview with Pedro Costa Braga

Pedro Costa Braga

Pedro Costa Braga talks about some of the challenges facing his legal team at Praxair in Brazil.

New member profile: Legal and compliance manager for HCL Technologies in Latin America

New member Leandro Henrique de Assis

Leandro Henrique de Assis tells LACCA about designing software to support his company’s contract management.

New member profile: Corporate counsel at Caterpillar

New member Eduardo Valdes

Eduardo Valdes Gutierrez talks to LACCA about saving company money on external legal fees.

New member profile: Legal director at LAS Cargo

New member Angela Jimenez

Angela Jimenez discusses the sky-high challenges of managing an airline’s legal affairs across multiple jurisdictions.

An upcoming talent


Making a mark at the start of a career can be hard, particularly in today’s highly competitive environment, but one in-house lawyer has excelled by addressing productivity, savings and growth in her company’s legal department. Alison O’Connell caught up with Honeywell's Daniela Tijerina, winner of this year’s Legal Counsel of the Year Award, to hear how she has earned her reputation as a rising star in the legal industry.

New member profile: Legal counsel at DICEX Consultores

New member Ana Padilla

Ana Paula Padilla tells LACCA about why being part of legal can sometimes make you unpopular in companies, but also how the constant challenges of the career make up for it.

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