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Mexican bribery laws get new teeth

Will the new law bite back at the use of 'mordidas' in Mexico? Image of beaded jaguar in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Mexico’s new anti-corruption law entered in to force this month as part of the government’s efforts to reduce bribery at a federal level and attract more investment to the country, even while the Wal-Mart bribery scandal continues to unfold.

Report suggests “cancer” of corruption in Latin America is starting to heal

Is corruption on the wane in Latin America?

Corruption remains a major challenge for companies in Latin America but improvements in compliance and in familiarity with the FCPA are being made, says a new report.

Keep calm and take risks, new report urges

The calm risk taker

Should in-house counsel be “mischievous” to get ahead in multinational corporations? Research by a global executive search company into the characteristics of successful general counsel suggests so.

Wal-Mart case shines spotlight on FCPA reform

Should a company be able to claim a compliance defence in an FCPA investigation? Rosie Scammell looks at how the Wal-Mart case is deepening the debate for reform

LACCA meeting exposes anxiety in Argentina

Arturo Pera, Jorge Frias, José Luis Ricotta Pensa, Sebastian Maggio and Juan Pablo Santopinto

Last week’s meeting of LACCA’s Buenos Aires chapter painted a sombre picture of business conditions in the country. Last year’s meeting had been negative enough, but in the wake of the re-nationalisation – ‘confiscation’ was the preferred term around the table – of YPF, continued difficulties with foreign exchange and ongoing disruptions in the customs arena, delegates agreed that “things have got a lot worse”

When it really hits the fan

The internet helps people spread very personal criticism of companies

In today’s fast-moving world, a badly-managed crisis can destroy a company’s reputation and value, and in-house lawyers are increasingly central in making sure that does not happen. Clare Bolton finds out what you should be doing

Feeding the world

Brazil's soybean yields should rise 20% in 2011

Erica Barbagalo has been legal director of Monsanto in Brazil since January. She talks to Clare Bolton about her first few months in the role

Masters of tomorrow

Brazil's young companies are growing rapidly

Brazil’s period of economic stability is allowing a new wave of rapidly-growing domestic companies to come to the forefront. Clare Bolton talks to the general counsel of some such companies to discover how they use their in-house teams, and how they hire law firms

Freeing the market

Cohen Imach

Jacobo Cohen Imach, GC at MercadoLibre, the largest online trading platform in Latin America, discusses the requirements of his role and how the region is at a 'tipping point' for legislation of e-commerce

Tactics to secure talent

Hiring in-house means much more than finding someone with the right qualifications

Brazil’s boom years have helped the country position itself as a centre for international business, although such a rapid rise has made it increasingly difficult to fill in-house positions. Rosie Scammell looks at how general counsels can keep up

Poring over external providers

Weathering storms, floods and strikes, a team of Godoy Cordoba lawyers spent most of the last year travelling around the country to help Ecopetrol in conducting its first-ever labour audit of third party and other service providers. Here they tell Marieke Breijer of the efforts that went into organising a compliance assessment for one of the country’s largest employers

Mexico faces fresh challenges in Wal-Mart investigation

Wal-Mart is also facing an investigation in the US

As Mexico begins its investigation into alleged bribery by Wal-Mart, lawyers speculate as to how the scene is likely to play out. While some say the government will struggle to get results, others think the international attention will ensure the investigation is conducted thoroughly

Bidding for success

Clovis Camargo, president of the General Counsels' Committee at Amcham Brazil, outlines how to make competitive bids work

Micro money matters

Muhammad Yunus, who won a Nobel Peace Prize for his microfinance work, speaks to Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff

Microfinance is subject to increasing criticism, and regulation. Rosie Scammell talks to the lawyers driving the industry’s expansion across Latin America within a complex environment

What now for Wal-Mart?

Around US$10 billion was wiped off Wal-Mart's market value on Monday

As Mexico launches an investigation into alleged bribery by Wal-Mart, lawyers examine how corporations should handle FCPA investigations, and the implications for the world's largest retailer

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