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New member profile: Contracts manager at Tech Data

Maria Lucia Sanchez

Maria Lucia Sanchez tells LACCA why its important for legal departments to be commercially savvy and take a non-traditional approach to providing legal advice. 

New member profile: Legal manager at Panasonic do Brasil

New member Cristiane Cordeiro

Cristiane Cordeiro tells LACCA how her in-house team has changed its image from reactive to pro-active by collaborating with other departments to create useful company tools.

New member profile: Legal director for the Andean region at Uber

New member Felipe Sandoval

Felipe Sandoval tells LACCA about how GCs at technology companies can help their businesses by being as creative as the industry they operate in.

New member profile: VP & GC of legal and public affairs at MercadoLibre

New member Jacobo Cohen Imach

Jacobo Cohen Imach speaks to LACCA about setting up a legal department from scratch and why he was made for e-commerce.

New member profile: Legal manager at JCDecaux do Brasil

New member Gabriela Abreu

Gabriela Abreu tells LACCA about developing her company’s in-house legal team to save on external fees.

New member profile: Senior legal counsel at Acindar

New member Agustín Ravetti Escudero

Agustín Ravetti Escudero tells LACCA how his company acts proactively to combat ethical dilemmas and support renewable energy development in Argentina.

New member profile: General counsel and head of compliance at AXA Seguros

New member Javier Oroz Coppel

Javier Coppel talks LACCA through the new initiatives he has introduced to increase his department’s involvement in the business and develop legal talent.

Sweet and sour

Federico Ivan Gottlieb

Taking up his position at the tail-end of Argentina’s deepest recession in recent history and on the eve of 12 years of left-leaning populist government by the Peronist party, Arcor’s legal manager Federico Gottlieb reflects on the sweet tyranny of doing business in one of Latin America’s most challenging markets.   

Savvy sourcing

Gustavo Biagioli, Cinthia Ambrogi and Gianfranco Cinelli discuss external counsel

Choosing the right law firm can be a minefield, so a well-designed approach to hiring external counsel is crucial in ensuring legal departments get the right support without breaking the bank. GCs at LACCA’s regional meeting held in São Paulo last month discussed some of the best practices to selecting and managing external counsel. 

New member profile: deputy director of corporate employee relations at Banorte

New member Cynthia de Uriarte

Cynthia de Uriarte tells LACCA why having an impeccable sense of fairness is essential in handling labour disputes.

A three-pronged approach

Verissimo and Moya lead the discussion

Companies are increasingly suffering from the effects of political corruption in Latin America, as investigations in the region have revealed that cronyism and bribery were behind the awards of many government-funded contracts. Delegates at LACCA’s March São Paulo meeting discussed how in-house counsel can work to attack corruption from multiple angles.

New member profile: Regional legal counsel at HP Inc

New member César Basso

César Basso tells LACCA what his team has done to promote compliance throughout the company.

New member profile: Head of legal, compliance and internal audit at Wobben Windpower

New member Raphael Weitzel

Raphael Weitzel tells LACCA about helping his company meet Brazil’s renewable energy targets.

An interview with Beatriz Munozcano

Beatriz Munozcano

Pernod Ricard Americas' legal manager talks about how her team is structured to cope with cross-jurisdictional work.

New member profile: Legal director and privacy counsel for Latin America at Oracle Chile

New member Gustavo Marmol

Gustavo Marmol tells LACCA about the constant opportunities for learning that come with an in-house position.

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