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New member profile: Senior legal manager at Micro Ingram


Luis Couceiro tells LACCA why you need to be a generalist if you want to work in-house.

New member profile- Legal counsel at Claro, Montevideo


Grunfield tells LACCA how she uses creative solutions to overcome legal obstacles.

An interview with Alejandra Palacios Prieto


The Mexican government amended the constitution in 2013 to establish two new competition enforcers: the Federal Telecommunications Institute (IFETEL) and the Federal Economic Competition Commission (COFECE). Alex Wilts sat down with commission chairwoman Alejandra Palacios Prieto in Mexico City to discuss the new agency and some of the important decisions she has made.

New member profile: Head of legal for Brazil at Google

Google's head office, located in Mountain View

Daniel Arbix tells LACCA how his desire to innovate led him to work for Google.

The long road

Progressing within the same company is increasingly becoming the road less travelled

Thais Carloni, legal director for the Northern and Andean regions, tells LACCA about her greatest achievements over three decades at Dow and how she is helping the next generation to achieve their professional goals.

New member profile: Regional legal counsel for Latin America at Falck


Nicolas Ruiz tells LACCA why working closely with other areas of the business is key to creating a successful legal department that helps the company grow.

Let the games begin™: Rio's Olympics and the IP minefield

Rio 2016 is the most technologically advanced Olympic Games to be held to date

While the eyes of the world may be trained on the fierce competition occurring on track and field during the Olympics, it is a battle of a different kind that is occupying the attention of the world’s IP lawyers. Ian Johnson, Head of IP Legal at CPA Global, a leading IP management and technology company, looks at the challenges facing companies in the digital age and outlines what they can do to protect their brands.

New member profile: General counsel for Mexico & Venezuela at Weatherford International


Gabriella Neal tells LACCA how a deep understanding of the business can help you ask the right questions and protect the company’s interests.

New member profile: Vice President and chief of legal affairs for Latin America at Colgate-Palmolive


Iván Sandoval tells LACCA how living and working in six different countries has helped further his career.

A global energy challenge


L O Baptista, Schmidt, Valois, Miranda, Ferreira, Agel partner Paulo Valois Pires, Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld LLP partner Steven Otillar and Gibson Dunn & Crutcher LLP partner Brad Roach came together to discuss current challenges and opportunities facing their energy clients in the Latin America and the US.

New member profile: In-house counsel for Sodrugestvo Paraguay

the big P

Paolo Doria tells LACCA why knowing the market inside out is the best way to add value to the business.

New member profile: Senior tax advisor at Repsol


Pablo Ordoñez tells LACCA why failing to take cultural differences between Latin America and Europe into account can cause even the best-laid plans to go awry.

Regulatory Focus: Tax

Companies in Brazil spend an average of 2,600 hours per year filing their taxes (iStock.com/AndreyPopov)

Latin America’s economy remains in a recession and the region’s GDP has fallen by 1.2 per cent since this time last year. During these difficult times, several governments across the region are turning to taxation as a way to lower their fiscal deficits with mixed success.

New member profile: Chief counsel for international affairs at TeleTech


Rodrigo Monroy, chief counsel for international affairs at TeleTech Monroy, tells LACCA why having strong people skills and being a problem solver are some of the most important qualities needed to succeed as an in-house counsel.

New Member Profile: Legal manager at New Horizons


Aníbal Mauricio tells LACCA why the most rewarding part of being an in-house counsel is being able to see the difference you are making to the business.

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