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New member profile: Senior tax advisor at Repsol


Pablo Ordoñez tells LACCA why failing to take cultural differences between Latin America and Europe into account can cause even the best-laid plans to go awry.

Regulatory Focus: Tax

Companies in Brazil spend an average of 2,600 hours per year filing their taxes (iStock.com/AndreyPopov)

Latin America’s economy remains in a recession and the region’s GDP has fallen by 1.2 per cent since this time last year. During these difficult times, several governments across the region are turning to taxation as a way to lower their fiscal deficits with mixed success.

New member profile: Chief counsel for international affairs at TeleTech


Rodrigo Monroy, chief counsel for international affairs at TeleTech Monroy, tells LACCA why having strong people skills and being a problem solver are some of the most important qualities needed to succeed as an in-house counsel.

New Member Profile: Legal manager at New Horizons


Aníbal Mauricio tells LACCA why the most rewarding part of being an in-house counsel is being able to see the difference you are making to the business.

Building on solid foundations

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Marcos Macedo, head of contract management and dispute resolution at Queiroz Galvão, talks about the challenges and opportunities of regulatory changes in Latin America, and the importance of developing strong relationships with local counsel to keep ahead of the curve.

New member profile: Corporate counsel at JBS


Fernanda Leite tells LACCA how she has used her experience in litigation to help Brazilian meat processor JBS reduce its legal expenditure.

Protecting the tricks of the trade


In a digital age where cyber breaches are increasingly common, safeguarding trade secrets has never been so difficult – or important. With this in mind, LACCA analyses regulation and enforcement for protecting these secrets across various jurisdictions in the Americas and asks what GCs can do to better protect their companies from harm.

New member profile: Managing counsel for Latin America at Hewlett-Packard Enterprise


Martha Cortés tells LACCA how Hewlett-Packard Enterprise uses technology to help the in-house department work more efficiently.

Preparing for an investigation


Brazil’s biggest ever corruption investigation, Operation Car Wash, has swept through the country, spurring a wave of protests and shaking both the public and private spheres as more and more individuals and companies become implicated in the scandal. GCs at LACCA São Paulo discussed the practical steps they can take to protect their companies from harm and how best to negotiate with authorities using the evidence they gather.

Member profile: General cousel for iCrowdNewswire


Self-proclaimed entrepreneur Eduardo Vidal tells LACCA why he loves working at a start-up

Reading the smoke signals

José Moscati, speaking at LACCA São Paulo

Anti-corruption investigations like Operation Car Wash have moved compliance to the top of the corporate agenda. GCs at LACCA São Paulo discussed how in-house counsel have become instrumental in defending their companies’ reputations and what they can do to make their compliance programmes watertight.

New member profile: General counsel & compliance officer for Elevadores Altas Schindler


Renata Resegue says strong leadership skills are the best way for in-house counsel to leave their mark on a company.

Closing the deal

Credit: Saklakova on istock

Even in the midst of its current economic and political turmoil, Brazil continues to boast an active M&A sector, as foreign investors snap-up cheap assets, especially from companies facing insolvency. Speaking at LACCA São Paulo, Vera Carvalho Pinto, general counsel for Brazil at insurance company Chubb and José Diaz, partner at Demarest Advogados discuss what in-house counsel can do to successfully navigate M&A deals, even in the face of great uncertainty.

New member profile: Legal counsel at Staples


Cesar Faroli tells LACCA that the best in-house counsel minimise risks while offering alternative solutions. 

Coping in a crisis

Amir Bocayuva and Newman Debs

A crisis which damages a company’s reputation can happen at any time. If and when it does, it is up to in-house counsel to find out what went wrong, limit any further damage to the company and its reputation and deal with requests for information from the media. Speakers at LACCA São Paulo shared their top tips about how to stay cool in a crisis and prevent one from happening in the first place. 

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