Who Represents Latin America's Biggest Companies 2016?

Who Represents Latin America's Biggest Companies 2016?

Which law firms are regularly retained by the region's largest 100 companies? LACCA presents its landmark research.


Who Represents Latin America's Biggest Companies?

Latin America’s troubled state-owned oil and gas companies continue to dominate the top spots in the region, but this year’s research reveals that companies in the extractive sector continued to feel the impact of low commodity prices in 2016.


Who represents Latin America's biggest companies 2016: the full list

Each year, LACCA conducts detailed research into which law firms represent Latin America’s largest 100 companies, as ranked by revenue. These tables show which companies make up our top 100, and also which law firms represent them, both region-wide and in different jurisdictions.


A mixed picture

LACCA’s research paper ‘Who Represents Latin America’s Biggest Companies?’ reveals that while many GCs continue to focus on bringing strategic matters in-house to save costs, they are much more likely to use law firms when it comes to litigation, complex transactions and regulatory matters.

The region's leading firms

We analyse which law firms came out on top of our research into “Who Represents Latin America’s Biggest Companies”.

Top 100: Argentina

A little over a year on from the election of President Mauricio Macri, private practice lawyers in Argentina say business is thriving as the country becomes increasingly attractive to foreign investors seeking local counsel. 

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