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Oct 10 2019

LACCA Live Regional Miami Meeting 2019

Organiser: LACCA Sponsorship opportunities

10 October 2019 at 09:00 to 18:00

The Latin American Corporate Counsel Association will be holding its annual regional meeting in Miami on Thursday, 10 October 2019. Join us to hear critical updates on law department management, compliance and ethics, deeper substantive issues, and more.

Our meetings are popular and often fill up, so members can reserve your place now by contacting us here.

LACCA will also hold its 6th Annual Awards Ceremony on the same evening. Please visit the website for further details.

Adriana PallisMachado Meyer

Alejandra Flah, Managing Director & Associate General Counsel Latin America, Citibank

Alexandre D’Ambrosio, Director & GC, Vale

Andres Williamson, Assistant GC, Microsoft

Eduardo CalderónBLP

Enrique Gonzalez, Associate General Counsel Latin America, Uber

Flavia Mitri, Privacy Legal Director for Latin America, Uber

Fernando Beguiristáin, South America Regional GC, Acciona Energia

Javier Oroz Coppel, General Sercretary, Axa

Javier Salvador, Pérez Bustamante & Ponce

Jonathan Warne, CMS Legal

Juan Carlos De La Vega, Santamarina y Steta

Juan Francisco Torres LandaHogan Lovells

Luis Felipe Arze, CMS Legal

Mayda Prego, Senior Legal Counsel, Chevron

Patrícia Barbelli, GC for Brazil, Uruguay & Paraguay, Diageo

Rodrigo Medina, Senior Legal and Compliance Director, Latin America, Medtronic

Ruben Toquero Lemini, Associate General Counsel Latin America, Airbnb

Sarah Saucedo, Senior Counsel, Privacy & Data Protection, Mastercard

Valeria Plastino, VP & General Counsel for Latin America, CenturyLink

LACCA Miami programme 2019

9.00: Arrival, registration and coffee

9.30: Welcome - Alison O'Connell, Editor, LACCA

Roundtable begins                                     

Session one: Crisis management: a practical guide from those who have survived to tell the tale.

In today’s uncertain world, risk management can seem a daunting task. A crisis can come in many forms, be it a whistle-blower shedding light on wrongdoing, an environmental disaster or a public relations nightmare. The situation can quickly get out of control if a company is not prepared. This panel seeks to pair prominent general counsel who have lived through a crisis with up to two private practitioners from different jurisdictions with experience of helping companies through a range of emergencies. Panellists will draw on their experiences to equip the audience with the tools to navigate a crisis and limited further damage to the company. They will also share hard-learned lessons on how to avoid such scenarios in the first place.

Session led by:
Eduardo Calderón, BLP
Juan Francisco Torres Landa, Hogan Lovells
Alexandre D’Ambrosio, Director and General Counsel, Vale
Javier Oroz Coppel, General Secretary, Axa
Mayda Prego, Senior Legal Counsel, Chevron

11.00: Coffee break

11.30: Session two: Privacy in the workplace: a delicate balancing act

Growing dependence on technology is often at odds with heightened concerns about protecting personal information and nowhere is the tension between technology and privacy rights more prevalent than in today’s workplace. Corporate interest in employee surveillance in order to boost efficiency is on the rise and major companies including Walmart, UPS, Amazon and Microsoft have all started using advanced technology to listen-in on and analyse the behaviour of their staff, but this has also brought into question important concerns about what is reasonable. This session will focus on how businesses must strike a delicate balance when managing employee privacy issues and the legal and ethical factors that come into play.

Session led by:
Javier Salvador, Pérez Bustamante & Ponce
Juan Carlos De La Vega, Santamarina y Steta
Flavia Mitri, Privacy Legal Director for Latin America, Uber
Sarah Saucedo, Senior Counsel,Privacy & Data Protection, Mastercard

12.30: Networking lunch

14.00: Session three: Managing regulatory hurdles across borders

While cross-border transactions can generate new market opportunities for companies, they can also often bring heightened risk. The wave of new regulations being implemented both locally in Latin America and internationally mean that companies rely heavily on their in-house lawyers to overcome jurisdictional hurdles. This session will focus on how legal teams can best navigate regulations across borders, the challenges of compliance monitoring and spotting risks, as well as the benefits of strategic planning.

Session led by:
Adriana Pallis, Machado Meyer
Alejandra Flah, Managing Director and Associate General Counsel, Latin America, Citibank
Enrique Gonzalez, Associate General Counsel Latin America, Uber
Ruben Toquero Lemini, Associate General Counsel Latin America, Airbnb

15.00: Session four: The Latin American GC of today: Challenges & opportunities

Working as a corporate counsel in Latin America can often require a very specific set of skills. While local GCs share key concerns with their colleagues around the globe including regulatory hurdles, cybersecurity and data protection issues, they are also often faced with fundamental political and economic structural risks, not to mention the regional challenges of operating across multiple jurisdictions– all of which make it a unique place to do business. Drawing on extensive research conducted by CMS on GCs in today’s Latin America, this session will discuss some of the specific challenges and opportunities facing counsel in the region, including best practices in managing sub-regional clusters, overcoming regulatory barriers and cultural differences and other key topics.

Session led by:
Jonathan Warne, CMS Legal
Luis Felipe Arze, CMS Legal
Fernando Beguiristáin, South America Regional General Counsel, Acciona Energia
Valeria Plastino, Vice President, General Counsel and Regional Ethics & Compliance Officer, Latin America, CenturyLink

16.00: Coffee break

16.30: Session five: Making the most of disruptive technologies

The legal landscape is changing with in-house teams seeking to transform ways of working through the use of new and innovative legal technology tools. This session will see legal technology experts and GCs share insights in how technology is being used in practice, the success stories and the pitfalls which can result in the impact falling short of expectations. Plus we look ahead to future technology developments which could change the nature of the relationship between in-house legal functions and external providers of legal services.

Session led by:
Andres Williamson, Assistant General Counsel, Microsoft
Patrícia Barbelli, GC for Brazil, Uruguay & Paraguay, Diageo
Rodrigo Medina, Senior Legal and Compliance Director, Latin America, Medtronic

17.30: Roundtable ends; drinks for the LACCA Awards Ceremony start at 17.45

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