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New member profile: Chief legal counsel for JLL in Greater Latin America and Brazil

Aline Assis Coloni

LACCA interviews new member Aline Assis Coloni about the special projects her department has been focused on, as well as the institutional gender bias she has worked against throughout her career.

New member profile: Legal counsel at pharmaceutical giant Bayer


Thiago Medeiros Braga tells LACCA about how Bayer’s matter management system has improved efficiency in his department and why the best in-house counsel are those that continuously learn on the job.

New member profile: Legal manager at Air Liquide Brazil

Leticia Bressan

Letícia Bressan tells LACCA about the huge breadth of responsibilities she has in her role, and how mitigating the risks a company faces is the bread and butter of any in-house lawyer.  

New member profile: Cluster legal counsel for Puma Energy

Andrés Calderón Martínez

Andrés Calderón tells LACCA about why he loves working in Puma’s legal department, and how his experience working on a high-profile arbitration case got him to where he is today.

New member profile: Senior legal counsel at Zodiac


Diego Coelho tells LACCA about his passion for IP, and how demands for greater efficiency are being felt both in-house and in private practice. 

New member profile: Senior counsel at Siemens Healthineers

Claudia Laudisio

Claudia Laudisio tells LACCA about how she expects the business landscape to improve in Brazil following the election of the new government, and how being an in-house counsel is a lot like working in an emergency room.

New member profile: Legal counsel at TransUnion


Marcos Polatti tells LACCA about how he handles the challenges of working at TransUnion, and how his experience in private practice has helped him extract greater value from law firms.

New member profile: Director of compliance for Latin America at Ecolab

Natalia Marino

Natalia Marino tells LACCA about her experience implementing compliance programmes and why companies must take the lead in establishing a culture of ethics across the region.

New member profile: Legal manager for Latin America at Dentsply Sirona

Felipe Moraes de Azevedo

Felipe Azevedo tells LACCA about the heavy bureaucracy and regulatory challenges he faces when it comes to introducing new products to the market in Brazil and why preparation and patience is key when working in the healthcare sector.

New member profile: VP & associate general counsel at Philip Morris International

Mary-Carmen Ordóñez López

With a long career at tobacco and e-cigarette company Philip Morris International behind her, Mary-Carmen Ordóñez López tells LACCA about the challenges of navigating such a highly regulated industry.

New member profile: Senior commercial counsel at TE Connectivity in Brazil


Michael Aguilar tells LACCA what he learnt from his time in private practice and why he loves playing a strategic role in the business.

New member profile: Legal counsel at Swiss Re Corporate Operations

Daniele Dabus

Daniele Dabus tells LACCA about her first four months as a legal counsel for Zurich-based insurance company Swiss Re and why moving in-house has helped improve her abilities to provide legal advice from a business solutions perspective.

New member profile: Legal and compliance manager at Agrícola Xingu


Rafael Ming tells LACCA about the many legal challenges facing GCs in the agribusiness sector in Brazil and why the most important function of a legal team is being proactive.

New member profile: General counsel at construction materials company Elementia

Alberto Perales

Alberto Perales tells LACCA about the importance of providing creative solutions for the business as well as what factors he considers when hiring external counsel.

New member profile: Regulatory and competition lawyer at ESPH

William Villalobos

William Villalobos Herrera tells LACCA about his work improving efficiency within ESPH’s legal department, and how learning from your colleagues is key to developing a great in-house team.

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