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New member profile: General counsel at construction materials company Elementia

Alberto Perales

Alberto Perales tells LACCA about the importance of providing creative solutions for the business as well as what factors he considers when hiring external counsel.

New member profile: Regulatory and competition lawyer at ESPH

William Villalobos

William Villalobos Herrera tells LACCA about his work improving efficiency within ESPH’s legal department, and how learning from your colleagues is key to developing a great in-house team.

New member profile: Corporate data protection lawyer at Audi in Mexico


With nearly 10 years’ experience in the legal industry, Juan Luis Huesca Rocchi tells LACCA why adding value to the company is always a team effort.

New member profile: Senior lawyer at Grupo Peñaflor


Four months into her new role at winery operator Grupo Peñaflor, María Victoria Bonacalza Rico tells LACCA about how she really wanted to expand her legal and business expertise when she moved in-house, and why she feels private practice limited her professional growth as a lawyer.

New member profile: Director of legal and compliance at TMF Group


Just over four years into her role, Vanessa Mello tells LACCA about thinking outside of the box when leading a legal department and why creating a compliance culture must involve the company’s leadership.

New member profile: Legal vice president at hospitality and lifestyle group Selina

Matias Hercovich

Matias Hercovich, legal vice president at Selina, tells LACCA about working for the start-up hospitality and lifestyle company and how he managed to build a successful multidisciplinary legal department which has played a key role in the company’s rapid expansion across Latin America.

New member profile: Legal manager at Accenture in Mexico

Alba Hernández

Nearly four years into her role as legal manager for Accenture in Mexico, Alba Hernández tells LACCA about the ways in which the compliance environment has evolved since she first started work as a lawyer and how the private sector is key to improving business practices in Mexico. 

New member profile: Legal vice president at BLADEX


Just over five years into his position as legal vice president at the foreign trade bank of Latin America (BLADEX), Celso Faria Portela Pereira tells LACCA about his extensive experience across industries, and how mutual respect is essential for a successful in-house team.

New member profile: General counsel at Engie Energía


Nearly five years into his position as general counsel at Engie Perú, Eric Franco talks to LACCA about how his career has sent him to all corners of the globe, as well as why his time in private practice has allowed him to set his own standards in-house.

New member profile: Legal and compliance director for Latin America at Lazard


Nearly two years into her executive position at Lazard, Eugenia Botta tells LACCA why working in private practice has helped her get to where she is today, and how the anti-corruption landscape in Latin America has evolved since she first began her career.  

New member profile: Senior legal, claims and insurance manager at Hutchison Ports

María Osorio Fernández

María Osario Fernandez tells LACCA about why she loves the dynamism that comes with working in a big corporation and how coffee is key in getting her through the day

New member profile: Chief legal counsel at NCR Corporation


Ana Paula Bertuzzi, Latin America legal director at transactional technologies business NCR Corporation, speaks to LACCA about the disjunction between rapidly developing IT markets and the legal sector, and the huge impact legal departments can have on company decision-making.

New member profile: Vice president of labour law for Latin America, Fox Sports


Jose Luis Ricotta Pensa tells LACCA about the importance of tracking legal changes in Latin America and finding a balance between internal and external counsel.

New member profile: Head of legal, compliance, data privacy and insurance for the Andean region at Bayer


Hector Garcia Corredor tells LACCA about his role in the acquisition of Monsanto and the importance of foreseeing change in the legal sector.  

New member profile: Legal manager at utilities giant Suez


José Carlos Barría Vallarino, tells LACCA about his contribution to one of the most important infrastructure projects in Panama and why heavy bureaucracy in the environmental sector can be challenging for companies.

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