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On track: spotlight on Orient-Express

Orient-Express has just emerged from a competition dispute dating back to 2007

In the decade since Orient-Express steamrolled into Peru, legal director Raul Galdo has been on hand through acquisitions, competition challenges, and local licensing. He speaks to Rosie Scammell about ‘a journey like no other’

How to control your spending – and your law firm

Pam Woldow

Last month Pam Woldow, GC and consultant at Edge International, spoke to regional counsel in Miami about maximising value for their corporations

LACCA Miami – meeting report

Samuel Libnic presents to the group

LACCA's regional meeting in Miami featured 40 general counsel from across the region, and a lively discussion across a range of topics. Clare Bolton and Rosie Scammell report

A personal paper choice

SWM Brasil is the largest supplier of tobacco-related papers in the region

Sergio Ribeiro, general legal counsel at cigarette paper company Schweitzer-Mauduit International, speaks to Rosie Scammell about returning to the tobacco industry after a thirty year break

The man from Del Monte

Change in US regulation means Del Monte products can now move north more freely.

Phillip Brazlavsky, associate general counsel for Del Monte Fresh Produce, talks to Rosie Scammell about his team's work in Latin America

Diebold’s dozen

Varlin Vissepo

Varlin Vissepo, corporate legal counsel at security systems corporation Diebold, talks to Rosie Scammell about the challenges of working in an era of purse-pinching

Legal Project Management: Lessons from “Lex”

LACCA's regular consulant, Pam Woldow of Edge International continues her series on how to make LPM work, this time looking at transactional practices

A new approach to collaboration: legal project management

Pam Woldow

In the first of a series of articles on legal project management, Pam Woldow of Edge International - who presents at both LACCA's annual regional meetings, in Miami and São Paulo - gives us her take on how to make LPM work

The one man global legal department

Armando Tirado

Providing in-house legal advice from what is officially an external position, for a company with offices strewn across the continents and time zones, what is that like? Armando Tirado, a Venezuelan working in London, talks to Marieke Breijer about these elements and how they shape his day-to-day life

New and proven reserves

The offshore finds are pushing power to the in-house counsel

Irrespective of a flurry of hires between law firms, the up-and-coming stars of the oil and gas bar in Rio de Janeiro are in-house counsel, finds Clare Bolton

A peek at Teva

Walter Cobos

Earlier this year, Israeli company Teva, the world's largest generic drug maker, expanded its manufacturing business in Peru through the acquisition of Infarmasa. Here the company's country legal manager, Walter Cobos, talks to Marieke Breijer about his work and the company's consolidation in the Peruvian market.


British American Tobacco's London offices

Marcio Fernandes is assistant general counsel to British American Tobacco, based in the group's central London offices. Here he talks to Marieke Breijer about why he enjoys the challenge of working with a controversial product in a largely unfriendly environment.

Bringing it together

Martin Lythgoe

Martin Lythgoe, the new associate general counsel at Duke Energy International, talks to Marieke Breijer about how his role stands at the junction of the company's legal and business objectives

The new Paulistanos

São Paulo sk

While moving a company's regional HQ to São Paulo may make sense from a business perspective, running a legal team from the city remains challenging, finds Clare Bolton

Legal fishing

Giuliana Cavassa

A flourishing yet precarious sector, Peru's multi-billion fishery industry is central to the Peruvian economy, where fishmeal is the second-largest export product after copper. Here Marieke Breijer talks to the legal team of Copeinca, one of the country's main fishmeal and fish oil producers

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