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New member profile: Latin America regional counsel at Solenis


Rodrigo Perestrelo Gonçalves tells LACCA about his experience in the chemicals sector and why his love of business as well as law led him to pursue an in-house career.

New member profile: Legal director of corporate and litigation at Bayer Brazil

Rafael Dantas

Rafael Dantas tells LACCA about the challenges of working on one of the pharmaceutical industry’s biggest acquisitions, and why moving beyond the legal perspective and engaging with strategic business decision-making is key to success. By Marina Albanese

New Member Profile: Head of legal & compliance for Brazil at Philips Lighting


Felipe Pessine speaks to LACCA about the rewards that come with working on a successful M&A and why he likes to work in a corporate environment. 

How AI is transforming the world of tax

AI is revolutionising the world of tax

From automation to improving forecasting, artificial intelligence (AI) is reinventing the way in which legal departments function and in particular how tax matters are handled.  Luís Rogério Farinelli and Fernando Teles da Silva of Machado Associados Advogados e Consultores take a look at how AI can help reduce risk, increase value, and drive a cost-effective approach to tax reporting and compliance.

Brazil’s insurance law needs improving, according to Brazil’s Bar Association

Insurance sector in Brazil may double its size in coming years

Débora Schalch, chair of the Insurance Law commission of the Brazilian Bar Association's São Paulo chapter (OAB-SP), takes a look at the major obstacles impacting companies in Brazil’s insurance sector. ​

New member profile: In-house counsel for ID Logistics in Brazil


Fabio Sanchez tells LACCA about the biggest challenges affecting in-house counsel in the logistic sector in Brazil.

New member profile: Head of litigation and tax at Pirelli Group Brazil


Mauro Menezes tells LACCA about how his time on secondment at Pirelli made him leave life as a private practitioner to become a full-time in-house counsel and why it is crucial to find the right balance between a business and legal mindset. 

New member profile: Head of legal and compliance at Autonomy Investimentos

Farley Menezes da Silva

Farley Menezes tells LACCA why hiring and training young lawyers is the best part of his role as a legal director.​

New member profile: General counsel Prime Energia in Chile


Juan Valdivieso tells LACCA why he chose to be an in-house counsel and why he thinks independence is a key factor for a strong in-house team 

New member profile: Legal manager at Nors Brasil


Benedito Villela tells LACCA why working across different industries has enhanced his skills as a lawyer and why he prefers recruiting specialist boutiques when it comes to selecting his external counsel.  

New member profile: Senior compliance analyst at Eletropaulo


Matheus Ferreira Benevolo Xavier tells LACCA why he decided to pursue an in-house career as well as the difficulties of navigating the regulatory environment of Brazil’s energy sector.

New member profile: Senior legal counsel at Swiss Re Corporate Solutions Brasil Seguros


Beatriz Almada tells LACCA about the regulatory challenges in Brazil and the company’s joint venture with counterpart Bradesco Seguros.

Progressive compliance


Guatemala City-headquartered cement business Cementos Progreso has prioritised socially responsible and ethical business practices for over a century. In recognition of these efforts, the company was recently named one of the world’s most ethical companies by the Ethisphere Institute. LACCA hears about the role compliance director Christie Ippisch and her team have played in continually updating workplace policies and incentivising ethical behaviour.

New member profile: GC and labour relations manager at Sodexo


Mariana Olivares tells LACCA about being the first in-house lawyer at a company and the importance of a preventive legal culture.

New member profile: Legal manager at The Sol Group Corporation


Carla Gonzalez tells LACCA why the experience she gained during her time in private practice has been key to her success as an in-house counsel.

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