The Latin American Corporate Counsel Association will be holding its very popular annual regional meeting in Miami on 10 October 2019 at the W Hotel South Beach. Come and join a group of over 150 senior in-house counsel to discuss the key issues facing GCs across Latin America.

Like all LACCA meetings, the Miami event will be discursive and participative, with all delegates taking part in a broad discussion. The event is designed to maximise not only networking, but also the sharing of best practice among members. To book your place, simply email us here.

The meeting will open with a discussion on crisis management. The panel will pair prominent general counsel who have lived through a crisis with up to two private practitioners from different jurisdictions with experience of helping companies through a range of emergencies. Panellists will draw on their experiences to equip the audience with the tools to navigate a crisis and limit further damage to the company. They will also share hard-learned lessons on how to avoid such scenarios in the first place.

Given that corporate interest in employee surveillance  to boost efficiency is on the rise and major companies including Walmart, UPS, Amazon and Microsoft have all started using advanced technology to listen in on and analyse the behaviour of their staff, the second session of the day will focus on how businesses must strike a delicate balance when managing employee privacy issues and the legal and ethical factors that come into play.

After a networking lunch, the third session of the day will discuss how legal teams can best navigate regulations across borders, the challenges of compliance monitoring and spotting risks, as well as the benefits of strategic planning. Topics will include how to spot risks and opportunities in cross-border transactions, as well as the wave of new regulations being implemented both locally in Latin America and internationally.

Working as a corporate counsel in Latin America can often require a very specific set of skills. While local GCs share key concerns with their colleagues around the globe including regulatory hurdles, cybersecurity and data protection issues, they are also often faced with fundamental political and economic structural risks, not to mention the regional challenges of operating across multiple jurisdictions – all of which make it a unique place to do business. Drawing on extensive research conducted by the law firm CMS on GCs in today’s Latin America, the fourth session will discuss some of the specific challenges and opportunities facing counsel in the region, including best practices in managing sub-regional clusters, overcoming regulatory barriers and cultural differences and other key topics.

For the final session of the day, legal technology experts and GCs share insights in how technology is being used in practice, the success stories and the pitfalls which can result in the impact falling short of expectations. Plus we look ahead to future technology developments that could change the nature of the relationship between in-house legal functions and external providers of legal services.

More details on speakers will be announced on the LACCA website soon.

On the same day, LACCA members are also invited to our Awards Ceremony, being held immediately after the daytime event finishes. To book your place, simply email us here.