Joaquin Martínez

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Joaquin Estanislao Martinez has been a member at Abeledo Gottheil Abogados since 2008. He is based in Buenos Aires and has considerable experience focusing on the practice of corporate law and M&A, and foreign investments, as well as on corporate conflicts. Since 2015 he has been the director in charge of the firm’s corporate department. In addition, he is a professor at the School of Law of the University of Buenos Aires (UBA) and also teaches courses and seminars in other universities.

Thought Leaders 2018 - Interview with Joaquin Martínez

What attracted you to a career in the legal profession?

As a young boy I always liked the movies dealing with juries, particularly those where significant judicial and human rights aspects were discussed. While my current professional practice has nothing to do with this area of the law, I think that in my early years as a student, it helped me to select this career. In addition, I live very close to the School of Law of the University of Buenos Aires; its historical and magnificent building, in which I have continued to develop my legal career as a teacher of corporate law and banking contracts, always attracted me.

What has been the most memorable case you have worked on so far?

All the work developed in the field of corporate law and in M&A has given me a great sense of achievement and a lot of satisfaction. I mostly recall the merger between Baker Hughes and BJ Services, as well as Emcon Technologies’s absorption by Faurecia. By the same token, it is worth noting that I have also contributed to a very large number of processes that I have led for national and foreign companies in their start-ups in Argentina.

What are the biggest challenges facing corporate and M&A lawyers in Argentina?

The most important thing is for corporate and M&A lawyers to ensure they have a very deep understanding of the businesses and industries we advise. Have a comprehensive knowledge of the companies and sectors you deal with is crucial to be able to furnish them with the legal structures and tools that best suit their specific needs and goals. Ensuring you remain aware and updated on the evolution of regulations is also very important.

What impact have President Mauricio Macri’s pro-business reforms had on the level of work for the firm over the past few years?

After President Macri took office, the interest of new clients (national and foreign) who are willing to carry out productive activities in Argentina has grown a lot. Some of these activities have materialised and others are about to materialise. Certainly, there is still a lot to be done and we are prepared for that, hoping to lead our clients with all our professionalism and dedication.

In your opinion, what more could be done to improve Argentina’s business landscape?

A long-term political and economic plan should be consolidated in order to improve the country’s corporate sphere, with clear rules for business people. The recently approved tax reform may have a good impact on the years ahead, but some imbalances that have already arisen should be corrected, as is often the case in a transition process.

To what extent has technological innovation impacted work in your practice area?

Technological innovation has been very important. Nowadays our clients expect much more from firms, and more quickly, as a result of the new communication technology and the latest generation systems that meet the needs of our work. Likewise, the possibility of carrying out due diligence with virtual data rooms has helped us for some time now to make processes more efficient and to accelerate operations.

What qualities make you stand out to clients as a top-tier lawyer?

I think that the most important quality retained by lawyers at the top of their game is a deep understanding of the businesses and industries you are working with. Especially as a corporate lawyer, it is crucial to understand the business area in which each specific client develops. Exclusive and personal dedication, as well as a great commitment to the client, are also among the most important qualities corporations take into account when they have to choose a law firm to represent them. Nowadays, it is expected for lawyers to be available to clients at any time for their needs, including weekends.

What are you still hoping to achieve in your legal career?

I hope to keep growing, from both a professional and a human standpoint, looking for new goals with the purpose of becoming a referent in the field of corporate law and M&A in Argentina. In addition to this, I look forward to continuing to develop and make new achievements in the corporate department at our law firm, which is very important.


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