Who Represents Latin America's Biggest Companies 2014?

Which law firms are regularly retained by the region's largest 100 companies? LACCA presents its landmark research.


Who Represents Latin America's Biggest Companies?

LACCA launches the 2014 edition of its research into ‘Who Represents Latin America’s Biggest Companies?’


Who represents Latin America's biggest companies 2014: the full list

Each year, LACCA conducts detailed research into which law firms represent Latin America’s largest 100 companies, as ranked by revenue. These tables show which companies make up our top 100, and also which law firms represent them, both region-wide in and different jurisdictions.


Top 100: Uruguay and Paraguay

While having no domestic companies among the region’s Top 100, LACCA’s research shows law firms from Uruguay and Paraguay remain an essential asset for major international companies.

Top 100: Peru

Peruvian companies are gaining a foothold in the region while corporate counsel eagerly await trade opportunities from across the Pacific.

Top 100: Mexico

While rock-bottom oil prices and a weak peso contributed to sluggish growth in 2014 for Latin America’s second largest economy, many companies expect sweeping energy, tax and telecoms to boost foreign investment and are making moves to positions themselves to take advantage of the good times ahead.

Top 100: Central America and Panama

With more companies entering Central America and Panama, firms in the region are expanding their reach.

Top 100 Companies: Chile

As copper prices fall and investment in renewables increases, Chilean lawyers say there are plenty of opportunities for those who adapt to the prevailing winds.

Top 100 Companies: Brazil

Our analysis of the law firms used by the region’s largest companies takes a look at Brazil.

Top 100 companies: Argentina

Companies in Argentina faced another challenging business climate in 2014, but there are growing signs of optimism about the country’s economic future.

Strategic or sparing

The development of in-house teams can make it easier and more cost-effective to internalise corporate legal work, but when and what should general counsel continue to outsource?

Chart-topping law firms

We analyse which law firms came out on top of our research into Who Represents Latin America’s Biggest Companies

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