Salary Survey 2015

LACCA presents its independent research into the compensation packages received by in-house counsel throughout the US and Latin America.


General counsel grow in influence

LACCA’s second survey on the salaries of in-house counsel reveals in-house counsel are gaining more influence in the boardroom


Salary Survey 2015: Striking a balance

Lawyers seeking a better work/life balance have traditionally looked to in-house positions, but are shorter hours always a guarantee of higher employee satisfaction? LACCA takes a deeper look into the results of its Salary Survey 2015 and finds out that a fulfilling in-house role is about much more than spending more time out of the office.

Bonus Draw

Bonuses remain a staple offering of compensation packages for in-house counsel in Latin America but the use of signing bonuses is becoming less common, according to LACCA’s Salary Survey 2015. Our third article in the series examines bonuses in greater depth and reveals the market for high quality in-house lawyers has changed considerably in the last five years.

Taking stock

Stock option plans can be a lucrative investment for both employees and the companies offering them as part of compensation packages, but just how common are they in Latin America? LACCA delves deeper into the results of its Salary Survey 2015 to find out.

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