Salary Survey 2016

Salary Survey 2016

LACCA presents its independent research into the compensation packages received by in-house counsel throughout the US and Latin America.


Salary Survey 2016: Salaries grow in troubling times

LACCA’s third survey on the salaries of in-house counsel shows that while companies weather the economic headwinds across the region, GCs remain a valued and well-compensated asset.


Salary Survey: Running hot and cold

In the final instalment of LACCA’s annual Salary Survey, we take a look at how political and economic turmoil in countries across the region is impacting salaries in various sectors across the region.

Salary Survey: Sugaring the pill

Despite a struggling economy, bonuses remain a key component of in-house salaries across the Americas. Over 80 per cent of respondents receive a bonus, but it is multinationals in heavily regulated industries that pay the highest, according to research from LACCA’s annual Salary Survey

Salary Survey: Uneven terrain

LACCA’s research into in-house salaries reveals that while women carry on making strides and gaining higher positions in the legal profession, men continue to dominate the upper echelons of business and receive higher wages.

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