Who Represents Latin America's Biggest Companies 2015?

Who Represents Latin America's Biggest Companies 2015?

Which law firms are regularly retained by the region's largest 100 companies? LACCA presents its landmark research.


Who Represents Latin America's Biggest Companies?

Despite the economic and political woes facing Brazil, its companies continue to dominate Latin America’s top 100 companies.


Who represents Latin America's biggest companies 2015: the full list

Each year, LACCA conducts detailed research into which law firms represent Latin America’s largest 100 companies, as ranked by revenue. These tables show which companies make up our top 100, and also which law firms represent them, both region-wide in and different jurisdictions.


Top 100: Bolivia, Ecuador and Venezuela

Bolivia, Ecuador and Venezuela may not be the easiest Latin American countries in which to do business, but they remain important markets for many of the region’s biggest companies.

Top 100: Uruguay & Paraguay

Latin America’s economic slump has hampered growth in both Uruguay and Paraguay, but both countries remain important assets to some of the region’s biggest companies according to LACCA’s research.

Top 100: Peru

Peru has been riding out the slump in global commodity prices better than most in Latin America as a result of the government’s diversification efforts and strong business-friendly policies, which helped maintain a steady flow of work for Peru’s law firms in 2015.

Top 100: Mexico

Mexico’s economy has proved more resilient to the external headwinds affecting other countries in the region over the past year. The country has taken advantage of the rebound in the US economy and reform efforts have continued to improve the business climate, enhancing the regulatory environment and liberalising investment regimes. 

Top 100: Colombia

Latin America’s fourth largest economy suffered the after-effects of a drop in commodity prices and devaluation of the peso over the past year, but Colombia remains one of the fastest growing economies in the region and a favourite place to do business among the Top 100 companies.

Top 100: Central America and Panama

Central American countries may be geographically and economically small, but collectively they remain an area of strategic investment for foreign multinationals, generating plenty of work for the region’s leading firms.

LACCA’s Top 100: The new normal

Reducing costs was top of the agenda for general counsel in 2015, but while some focused on cutting the number of law firms they use, others looked at more inventive ways to scale back on legal department spend. As part of LACCA’s research into Who Represents Latin America’s Biggest Companies, Alison O’Connell spoke to GCs around the region to find how they retain the best counsel without breaking the bank.

Top 100: Chile

Resource-rich Chile may be feeling the full effect of the end of the boom in commodity prices, which propelled the country’s growth over the past decade, but law firms have been taking full advantage of the downturn.

Top 100: Brazil

Our analysis of the law firms used by the region’s largest companies shows that despite political and economic hardships, the business of law is still booming in Brazil.

LACCA's Top 100: The region's leading firms

We analyse which law firms came out on top of our research into Who Represents Latin America’s Biggest Companies and take a look at developments in legal markets across the region.

Top 100: Argentina

The first few months of 2016 marked a turning point for Argentina. Since taking office in December, President Mauricio Macri has pledged to break with the interventionist policies of the previous administration led by Cristina Fernández de Kirchner and get Latin America’s third-largest economy back into shape.

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