Salary Survey 2017

Salary Survey 2017

LACCA presents its independent research into the compensation packages received by in-house counsel throughout the US and Latin America.


Salary Survey: Great risk, greater reward

LACCA’s latest research into in-house salaries reveals the ever-expanding thicket of rules in highly regulated industries has contributed to higher compensation for GCs in sectors such as mining and pharmaceuticals.


Salary Survey: The three to five-year itch

Why do so many in-house counsel choose to switch jobs after only a few years with a company? Although salary is a major factor, LACCA’s Survey reveals that money isn’t the most important factor when deciding to move on in search of new opportunities. 

Salary Survey: Paying for performance

LACCA’s research shows merit-based pay and bonuses are becoming increasingly common for GCs across Latin America, but bonuses can vary greatly depending on expertise, industry and company size.

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