Diversity Survey 2018

Diversity Survey 2018

LACCA’s Diversity Survey takes a look at the levels of diversity within corporate legal departments across Latin America as well as some of the efforts being made to promote greater diversity and inclusion initiatives within companies


Diversity Survey: Are legal teams as diverse as they think?

LACCA’s first diversity survey has revealed that just over half of in-house counsel feel their legal teams are “extremely diverse” or “very diverse.” But the fact that a third of respondents say they have felt prejudice at work suggests there’s still room for improvement in making diversity a widespread reality.  


Diversity Survey: Keeping tabs on outside counsel

Companies across industries are making a lot of noise about the importance of promoting diversity within their businesses, but when it comes to keeping tabs on their outside counsel, little is being done, according to LACCA’s research.

Diversity Survey: Multinationals lead the way in gender pay

While nearly 80% of legal teams have diversity policies in place specifically addressing gender inequality in the workplace, LACCA’s research shows that male lawyers continue to outnumber women in senior positions and only 12% of Latin American companies have conducted pay gap analysis, suggesting the glass ceiling is still very much in place in companies across the region.

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