Technology Survey 2019

Technology Survey 2019

LACCA’s Technology Survey reveals the most popular software used by in-house legal departments in the US and Latin America.


Technology Survey 2019: Cost constraints

LACCA’s Technology Survey reveals that while Latin American in-house legal departments are implementing more and more technology to boost efficiency and create savings, cost constraints continue to affect real innovation with more sophisticated tools.


Top Tips: Picking the most effective legal tech

With the vast array of legal technology tools available on the market today, in-house counsel are often spoilt for choice. LACCA puts together some of the best advice from GCs across Latin America on how to choose the right software for your department.

Technology Survey 2019: Taking the lead

While the majority of Latin America’s GCs still prefer to purchase their legal technology solutions straight off the shelf, LACCA’s research reveals that it is becoming increasingly popular for in-house teams to design their own tools more tailored to their specific regional needs, especially when it comes to compliance and litigation.

Technology Survey 2019: Collaboration and competition

With new and innovative legal technology tools causing a buzz in Latin America, LACCA looks at how data analytics and artificial intelligence are changing the impact in-house teams can have within their companies, and what external counsel can do to keep up. 

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