Who Represents Latin America's Biggest Companies 2012?

Which law firms are regularly retained by the region's largest 100 companies? For the first time, LACCA has analysed the information on the most popular firms, and the trends on how the general counsel of those companies hire external counsel.


Who represents Latin America’s biggest companies?

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LACCA launches original research into law firms used most often by Latin America’s top 100 companies.


Latin America's biggest companies: the full list

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The full list of which law firms represent Latin America’s top 100 companies, region-wide and in different jurisdictions.


Top 100 companies: Venezuela

The Venezuelan economy is tied to the fortunes of the petroleum and manufacturing industries.

Top 100 companies: Uruguay

Latin America’s second smallest country is also one of its most stable, showing signs of growth despite being caught between the rocky Argentine and Brazilian economies.

Top 100 companies: Peru

Based on strong exports, Peru has weathered the global economic slowdown well and continued to attract major investment.

Top 100 companies: Paraguay

Paraguay’s agriculture-based economy was hit hard by falling prices for its exports in the world recession, but recovery has been quick.

Changing times

Multilatinas are changing the way they use law firms and reshaping the Latin legal market in the process, LACCA’s top 100 research shows.

Top 100 companies: Mexico

The Mexican economy is well-poised for further growth while its government works hard to relieve investor fears about corruption in the country.

Top 100 companies: Bolivia and Ecuador

The political climate may be unfavourable to law firms, but some of the biggest companies keep operations and thus outside counsel in Bolivia and Ecuador.

The Chilean dream

Almost a quarter of Latin America’s top 100 companies are from Chile or have subsidiaries there. Do political stability, the rule of law and economic liberalisation make a magic formula for domestic growth and attracting investment?

Top 100 companies: Colombia - an end to solitude

Colombia’s economy has grown in the past decade stimulating greater foreign investment and the development of local companies and law firms.

Top 100 companies: Chile – stable growth

Sound economic policies, political stability and steady growth have earned Chile a reputation as a good place to do business.

The convergence challenge

Latin America’s biggest companies may turn to thousands of law firms between them, but LACCA’s research implies that list is diminishing, as cost pressures demand fewer, deeper relationships with outside counsel

Top 100 companies: Central America - starting to click

Growing economic integration in Central America is underlined by the subcontinent being the only part of Latin America where multinational firms are a strong reality.

Top 100 companies: Brazil – still a Bric

Despite a recent economic slowdown, Brazil remains a major regional hub for global companies and local enterprises grown fat in the country’s boom years.

Top 100 companies: Argentina

Complex times for Argentina’s economy shows the country's firms depending on the region’s multinationals, according to LACCA research.

Going local

Our analysis of the region’s most popular law firms shows that local firms are central to the strategies of Latin America’s biggest companies.

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