Who Represents Latin America's Biggest Companies 2013?

Which law firms are regularly retained by the region's largest 100 companies? LACCA presents its landmark research.


Choice is king

Globally, some in-house departments are ruthlessly slashing legal panels down to just a few firms – whereas our research into 'Who Represents Latin America’s Biggest Companies' shows that sophisticated legal teams in Latin America still hire a wide range of external counsel. Can the most radical of convergence work in the region?


Who represents Latin America's biggest companies 2013: the full list

The full and updated list of which law firms represent Latin America’s top 100 companies, region-wide and in different jurisdictions.


Top 100 companies: Bolivia, Ecuador & Venezuela

While Bolivia, Ecuador and Venezuela may be challenging environments for corporate law firms in Latin America, LACCA’s research shows large international companies retain a presence there – hiring top firms as they do so.

Top 100 companies: Uruguay & Paraguay

LACCA research shows the law firms from Uruguay and Paraguay are essential parts of the regional counsel matrix for major international companies.

Top 100 companies: Central America and Panama

While the economic trajectory of Central American countries and their neighbour Panama remains highly divergent, the region taken as a whole remains an interesting market for foreign multinationals. 

Top 100 Companies: Mexico

Despite initial estimates of a 3.5 per cent growth rate for 2013, the recent slowdown has done little to impact the degree of foreign investment in Mexico and with analyst predicting a better 2014, things continue to look up as the economy seems steady on the path to recovery.

Top 100 Companies: Peru

Several years of consistent growth, market-friendly reforms, steady government transitions, and low inflation and public debt, have all helped Peru earn its reputation as one of the best-performing economies in Latin America. 

Top 100 companies: Colombia

Latin America’s fourth biggest economy continues to represent one of the best places to do business in the region, boasting steady GDP growth, low interest rates, low inflation and rising foreign investment.

Top 100 companies: Chile

Often lauded as Latin America’s model economy, Chile remains one of the region’s strongest players despite sluggish global growth and disappointing developments in trading partner countries.

Top 100 companies: Brazil

Our analysis of the law firms used by the region’s largest companies focuses on Brazil

Top 100 Companies: Argentina

Tough times in Argentina continue, both for its companies and its law firms

The corporate behemoths

We analyse which law firms came out on top of our research into Who Represents Latin America’s Biggest Companies

A domestic region

Our research into the largest 100 companies in Latin America reveals domestic and regional business is critical for the region’s success

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